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We have been in business for over 20 years providing a Sales & Merchandising service in the FMCG industry. The business, known as Ingwe Sales in the market place is based in Durban and recently revamped with a name change to Ingwe Brands.

Collectively our staff have over 100 years FMCG experience. Mark Maynard has worked in the FMCG industry for over 30 years in Sales and Management positions. Mark started Ingwe Sales in 1996, specialising in the Ethnic Hair Care market but not exclusively. Mark has established many wonderful and supporting customer relationships over this period of time. He has vast knowledge and experience in the FMCG industry.

Ingwe Brands


We offer a sales & merchandising service in the wholesale, retail and Independent trade as well as hair salons.  Our staff, of which many have been with Ingwe for a long time, have strong customer relationships based on their dedication, commitment, reliability & support in the stores.

 We offer a key accounts function if needed.

We handle store orders on behalf of our principles and follow through with ongoing merchandising in these stores.  Our merchandising team ensure the shelves are continuously replenished and clean and are managed by our sales staff. We negotiate ongoingly for the best shelf space in stores.

We currently service Kwazulu-Natal with an established customer base in the Free State too. We work closely with our principals in order to drive sales and ensure their products gain the best possible shelf space and are always replenished.

Currently our focus is on the Bottom End stores such as Jetmart, Checkout and Boxer stores.

As well as the Independent Retailers – such as Manhattans Cosmetics, Rhythm King (Beauty Zone), Checkmart(Smart Cosmetics), Powertrade (Focus Stores), Checkout, Checksave, Boxer & Rhino Stores. We also service Spar stores.

• The Major and Minor Wholesalers – such as Arrow C&C, Jumbo C&C, Masscash and Ozz C&C.

• The members of the major Buying groups, namely IBC, ICC, BEC, CBW, Shield, Sentra, UMS.

• We also service over 500 independant customers.

We commit to offer a dedicated service and will grow and progress as needed to ensure the success of our principles.

We feel that our success to date is based on the fact that we have been able to maintain our focus on our commitment to service excellence in our regions.

Orders and queries are administered at our Durban office efficiently and effectively with sales figures recorded and reported to principles ongoingly.


We supply haircare products to a vast number of salons in Kwazulu-Natal and offer a cash van sales and delivery service.

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